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What We're Doing About COVID-19

We take the health and safety of our guests and members very seriously. With our comprehensive plan in place, we feel that golf can remain a safe haven of exercise and mental stimulation.

Book Your Tee Time

Please call us to book your tee time. An employee will go over safety measures with you before your round
We have spread our tee times further apart so that we can ensure correct procedures and social distancing will be maintained while you're out on the course
A follow up email will be sent to you the day before your round. This will include any information you may need to make your time at the course as easy as possible

Check In

Please call ahead and pay over the phone for your round of golf: (513) 753-1919
We will only be accepting cards as payment
We hope you can help streamline our process by submitting only one payment per group

Pro Shop

Hand sanitizer is readily available for all customers
Customer touch points including bathroom areas, stair rails, doors and doorknobs, and countertops are regularly and diligently cleaned
We are ensuring hot water, soap, and disposable paper towels are available in all restrooms
All restrooms are kept clean and disinfected throughout the day


We encourage you to walk your round of golf with us. Walking is great exercise and can actually improve the pace of your round
Individual carts are available to customers for $10 (18 holes) and $5 (9 holes)
Please remove your own trash from your golf cart before you return it to help keep our employees safe
Carts are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each use. This includes seat, handles, sterring wheel, cup holders, and windshield area 

On the Course

Please do not remove the flagstick
We have turned all cups upside down so players do not need to reach into the cup to retrieve their ball
All rakes have been removed from the course


We have instructed all staff members who feel ill to stay home
We encourage staff to eat well, stay hydrated and well-rested, and quickly report if they are not feeling well
We are reading daily CDC, WHO, and local officials' best practices and communicating this information to all employees